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You - should rethink.

You Understand the grammar in DOM
The Document Object Model is a platform- and language-neutral interface that will allow programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure and style of documents. The document can be further processed and the results of that processing can be incorporated back into the presented page. This is an overview of DOM-related materials here at W3C and around the web.
HTML has Grammar.

You find vulgarity in extra DOM elements added for mere styling purposes.
You also has to be bold enough to forget some "standards" to let the users win at times if we cannot deliver the same experience without extra elements solely for styling.

You Understand the semantics in class names.
Good Point.

You Write Scalable & Maintainable CSS.
Good Point.

You Reset first to zero the cross browser weirdness with reset.css.
It is bulky at times, with styles for all elements included. We can reset the elements we use, or just reset as we go.

You Understand the Browser based box model.
CSS based box models, and browser implementations of the same.

You write javascript in your resume and not jQuery.
jQuery is not javascript as you know, if I have experience with jQuery I have to write it as well. So If you use jQuery you will be informed. If I have worked with Backbone, prototype, Ember, Require etc. I write them all.

You understand that OOP is not a javascript tack on.
You also understand that javascript doesnot represent the traditional OOP concepts as in other languages, atleast not directly.

You enhance progressively.

You write behavior with JS not content.
You realize MVC in the front end world. We might use js to handle data, process them and feed them to templates.

You're minimal: use fewer elements of expression.
Make code readable, add comments, optimize when required.

You're general: cover more ground.
Have an idea on everything, be good at one thing.

You do not shy away from using javascript libraries.
Also do not shy away from specifying it in your Resume.

You realize MVC in the front end world.

To your work, all you need is TextEdit.
Our toolkit includes Git, Github, Pivotaltracker, Yammer, Skype, VMWare Fusion & Gmail.
May be if you make it "to write code, all you need is TextEdit" it looks good.

I am just in a mood to fight with some one, sorry.

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