setInterval scope problem in Object Oriented Javascript

I've gone through a problem while trying to use a setInterval integrated with a object oriented framework I was working on, I will briefly explain the case and solution I applied in case anyone finds it useful.
The problem was while trying to do a trigger animation function in my frame work, the function is supposed to trigger animation or stop animation depending on the parameter passed the function is setAnimation(boolean)
setAnimation(true) starts animation and triggers some action that keeps repeated in some interval (please check setInterval() function somewhere if you are not sure how it works)
The code for the above scenario in object oriented way may be summarised as below.

In this case as setInterval is using an anonymous  function it is able to call obj.changerFunction from inside it. Keep in mind that the following won't work:

15     obj.animationID=setInterval(obj.changerFunction()); 

Also taking the return ID to obj.animationID enables us to stop the animation from from any function in the object.

CBI website hacked - Central Bureau of Investigation by 'Pakisthan Cyber Army'

Central Bureau of Investigation website is found to be cracked by a self proclaimed group called 'Pakisthan Cyber Army'. The group is said to have made a redirection of into some other page, nothing much is known as of now. The redirected page says this is a response to many attacks on pakisthas websites by some self proclaimed group called 'Indian Cyber Army'. Anyways this is a chance to understand the existence of security flaws and the importance of making security measures. CBI site is presently taken down it seems.

The message on redirected page reads as follows
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A message by Pakistan Cyber Army
Pakistan Zindabad!

here is a link of more sites hacked by same group

Here is a list of websites said to be hacked by indian cyber army, i am not sure of the information at this link