How to become fat in a month?

Just found this interesting article on a site. You can try googling 'become fat' to get to this article. I my self is not fat and was trying to become fat without eating much :) So as a habit i auto matically typed 'become fat' in Google with a mind of asking "Alladin's Jin" for a wish. The first result was surprising. Here is the first question from some one.

How to become fat in a month?
Asked by dmiseall On Feb 27, 2008

I am an Indian(Keralite). I have tried to become fat but I couldnt. What should I eat in particular so that I become fat in a short time. I usually dont eat anything in the mornings due to early college hrs. I am mostly hungry in the afternoon and in the evenings. Please help.

I am a 21 year old south indian girl. my height is 154cm and my weight is 40kg. As far as i know i feel hungry in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. I donot have time to eat in the mornings. So please tell me some ways to become fat in a short time. I am really worried and disappointed in this matter. please help

After reading this I was surprised on the fact that local people think alike, but unfortunately there was no way to contact this girl, also the post dated back to 2008 so no way to contact her, there is no quetion like why I should contact her!!

While scrolling and thinking about her I saw this second interesting reply, it really made me laugh for a while.

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Dear dmiseall,
Sister i am also a person from trivandrum,21 years of age,studying at a college.I too face similar problems.I also have similar specifications like you.As a guy i face challenges in my height also..i am just about 160 cm.Friend let me firstly tell you that this height or weight mostly depends on your parents.That can never be changed easily.I am telling this because i am a non veg and in most of the days i eat chicken(almost all)and drink milk..Yet i am not getting fat.Then these days for more body developement the guys use protein powder and such things.I dont know whether it is good for the body.Well dear friend reply to me if you have any suggesions in increasing fat.Then dear dont be afraid becoz the generation is proceeding the children are getting more taller than their parents and all na..?So this might just be a natural happening.Slim girls are also attractive ..ok?So dont be afraid friend reply..