Some types of signals

We will go through some general concepts before going to operations on signals,
Periodic and aperiodic signals
A signal is periodic if x(n) is periodic if
x(n+N)=x(n) for all n
else signal is aperiodic

Symmertric and antisymmetric signals
Signal is symmetric or even signal if
x(-n)=x(n) for all n
Signal is antisymmetric if
x(-n)=-x(n) for all n

Causal and non-causal signals
x(n) is causal if x(n) is zero or doent exist for values less than zero. In other words for causal sequence x(n) exist for only values of n greater than or equal to zero.
Other wise non-causal ie x(n) exist for negative values of n also.
x(n) is anti-causal if x(n) exist for n>=0 ie. x(n)=0 for n>=0

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