Ayisha - Malayalam Kavitha(poem) by Vayalar.

'Ayisha' is an extraordinary Malayalam poem by Vayalar reflecting the social situation that existed during 1950s .But when we go deep into the basic problems contained in the plot, we will understand that the problem is still existent.

The plot start with the narrator admiring the cuteness and innocence of Ayisha. There also happens some conversations between them that makes us understand her innocence and childishness. The narrator has the habit of making her angry and usually ends up in Ayisha crying for silly matters.

After one such incident Ayisha won't come at morning to narrators house to deliver milk, instead her father Andruman comes and tell the narrator that Ayisha got married. Narrator will be shocked as hears the marriage of the kid. It is a fact that such marriages where common at that time in Kerala especially in Muslim communities.

The picture of Innocence and Ayisha slowly fades away from narrators life. He after long time, four years visits town along with his friend. They will see a mob looking at something seriously, they follows them to see the scene of the corpse of newborn torn into pieces by street dogs. Narrator later finds that Ayisha got arrested for killing her new born child.

The rich fellow who married Ayisha leaves her after enjoying her to the maximum. Ayisha will be already pregnant when she joins the street community. Her streets friends tells her to deliver the child as soon as possible so that she can start earning some real money with prostitution.

Ayisha gives birth to her child in street under the shades of the tent she made with her own clothes.As soon as the child is born her friends throws it away to the bushes. She will be helpless and cries silently.

Ayisha will be released from jail later on, and she will be carrying the child of some police man this time. She grows more strong as her society plays games with her, she decides to bring the child and says that the child will take revenge on the society that almost killed Ayisha. The boy will be born and names him 'Raheem'.

'Raheem' groes up as a street singer and sings a song starting with, 'Im the son of my loving mother Ayisha' and people gave them money to avoid his mere presence. Ayisha ran her own whore house as she understood it was the only way she could bring up her child. They went on living this way and they gets accustomed to the life style.

One day some one unexpected visits Ayisha's whore house, her earlier husband who if fully drunken. Ayisha's whole hatred to the society comes up to the brim and overflows and ends up killing him. She again gets arrested and goes to Jail.

'Raheem' grows up in the street silently decalring ' I will live, and will not die whatever condition comes'. He still have his song starting with Ayisha and keeps singing it. One day as he sings the song along with his street friends, one old man comes andasks who is Ayishas child. It will be Andruman who came back from jail after kililng someone in communal hatred. He grabs the child and they together fades away to the streets.

The poets story telling is exellent that we gets the correct feeling at every situation. Also Vayalar has the habit of taking themes from real. The following lines from this poem are especially famous in Kerala and ususally used in 'Kathaprasangam'.

"Vedana vingum samoohathil ninnu njan
verode cheethipparichathanikkatha'


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