10 mistakes on inception.

Almost all the mistakes in Inception and other films can be found at goofs section in imdb(internet movie database) IMDB.

Follow this link to read the mistakes in Inception at imdb -> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1375666/goofs

And here is the 10 in facebook

1. When the cab gets hit the first time the front grille with the Hyundai logo gets smashed in and disappears. In the second scene the grille reappears and the car has less damage than the scene before. And in the warehouse scene the grille disappears one final time.

2. In the scene with the falling van you see Arthur asleep without the headphones originally placed on his head. Before the van falls in the water they show Arthur again wearing the headphones.

3. In the scene where Yusuf is introduced, a gray cat is seen investigating a large jar behind him. In subsequent shots the cat both disappears and reappears.

4. One car explosion shown twice. First is the shot of the car exploding in a fireball, filling the frame. Minutes later the same car is shown exploding in the same fireball, but as part of a bigger shot from further away, in the bottom half of the frame.

5. Once Saito has been shot during the first level of Robert Fischer JR’s dream, he is placed on a surface whilst Cobb talks to him, Saito has a gape in his shirt which reveals the sticky tape and part of his blood pack on his chest, for his bullet wound.

6. When the white van leaves the warehouse, the door is so narrow that the right mirror on the passenger side of the van hits the door and is pushed back. In the next scene, it is out again.

7. When the helicopter lands after picking up Cobb and Arthur, it is still in Japan. The backdrop where Saito tempts Cobb though, is the Terminal Building at Farnborough Airfield, England, UK.

8. The immigration form Cobb is given in the plane towards the end of the movie is the white I-94 form given to those coming to the US on a visa. US citizens need only fill out a smaller blue customs declaration form.

9. When Cobb and Robert are in the hotel bathroom (2nd level) Cobb kills two men. The very next scene that shows Cobb and Robert in the bathroom the dead men’s bodies have disappeared.

10. When Fischer’s cab is being hijacked, numerous production markings are visible on the street.


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