Install windows xp on modern laptops ported with windows 7 or windows vista

I just got one Acer aspire 5740 pre installed with windows 7. My job was to install windows xp and remove windows 7, simple task ..but took some time to fix it :P the problem was simple direct booting from cd ended up in a blue screen. And when i try to install from windows 7 it just blocked all 'downgrading' of windows. Alas at last i found the problem after skimming through a lot of forums, actually new laptops have SATA hard drive in AHCP mode which is not supported by Windows Xp installation CD. Luckily the SATA drives have made their provisions for backward compatibility. So i just got into the boot menu and chaged SATA mode to ATA instead of AHCP. Now XP works fine, but now i want to find some drivers for Aspire 5740 for XP, they provide only drivers for Windows 7. :(

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louie said...

there's so many generic drivers out there, . .