Operation Aurora - Attacking the giants

When will the internet become secure? once i ask this question most of my colleagues often respond by asking , 'Dude, but is there a problem with security now?'. If the windows users still have doubts on where their security lies they can have a look at this article explaining 'Operation aurora' a successful attack against Google by the Chinese crackers. Read the article here
While attacks are happening at Intel Google and similar software giants, how can you say you are secure? What you think if someone can access your G mail data intentionally and pinpointing your account from millions?
See this sentence quoted from itmanagement.earthweb.com
"Kurtz said the intruders, which Google and independent researchers said were based in China, gained access to Google's Gmail and other networks by sending a tailored attack to one or a few targeted individuals."

PS: As long as you are not worried about what the government is doing to your nation, you don't need to worry about internet security.
Intel Confirms Details of Cyber Attack - InternetNews.com
McAfee: Explorer Flaw Led to Attacks on Google — Datamation.com
Advanced Persistent Threat

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2 Responses:

Shinto.T.Jose said...

Google is givin enuf relaxation to China. In China almost every mail is scanned n some informal news, they r running some group who is only havin hackers and that place, where that group is runnin, itself is famous for hacking.
still i won't say we r in safe, but don't compare with wat hpnd in china..

Shinto.T.Jose said...

Google is givin enuf relaxations to china gvt. In china almost all mail can be scanned by gvt. (unofficial) There is a group whose members r hackers workin for them n the place where that grp is located is famous for this.
Even if i won't say we r safe, but don't cmpre with wat hpnd in china