.Less automating style sheets - A ruby parser for leaner css

CSS or cascading style sheets are basically developed as a format or style specifier. It helps to specify the`lok and feel of elements in  HTML documents. One insufficiency in CSS is the lack of programming language constructs like Nesting, Looping, Variables etc that could have made development easier. Obviously CSS working Group is aimed at developing CSS as it is now and they have no reason to worry about these. HTML also have the same problems which invoked the necessity to use scripting languages like PHP, RUBY, PERL etc.
LESS is a RUBY based parser developed by Alexis Sellier supporting the use of variables, mixins, nesting etc while keeping the basic CSS syntax intact. Such styles are stored in .less files and can be parsed to CSS on the fly or you can manually parse and use the generated CSS file. LESS also minifies the CSS which makes page loading faster.
You can get it from their web-site  LESS - Leaner CSS

Operation Aurora - Attacking the giants

When will the internet become secure? once i ask this question most of my colleagues often respond by asking , 'Dude, but is there a problem with security now?'. If the windows users still have doubts on where their security lies they can have a look at this article explaining 'Operation aurora' a successful attack against Google by the Chinese crackers. Read the article here
While attacks are happening at Intel Google and similar software giants, how can you say you are secure? What you think if someone can access your G mail data intentionally and pinpointing your account from millions?
See this sentence quoted from itmanagement.earthweb.com
"Kurtz said the intruders, which Google and independent researchers said were based in China, gained access to Google's Gmail and other networks by sending a tailored attack to one or a few targeted individuals."

PS: As long as you are not worried about what the government is doing to your nation, you don't need to worry about internet security.
Intel Confirms Details of Cyber Attack - InternetNews.com
McAfee: Explorer Flaw Led to Attacks on Google — Datamation.com
Advanced Persistent Threat

A Brighter Summer Day - Taiwaneese Movie

A fantastic realistic film by Edward Yang. He is one of the best Chinese film makers who changed to film making after starting his career as an computer engineer. The movie is around 4 hours. I never felt it boring, may be because I am watching long movies for a while. Also after watching many long movies i feel that actually movies should be around 4 hours 2:30 hours is not enough to make ourselves a part of the story. After watching the 'long' movies i always feel myself a part of the story or as i am actually walking, eating and sleeping with them. Das boot is an fantastic example for this.
 The film starts with a quote
"Millions of Mainland Chinese fled to Taiwan with the National Government after its civil war defeat by the Chinese Communists in 1949. Their children were brought up in an uneasy atmosphere created by the parents' own uncertainty about the future. Many formed street gangs to search for identity and to strengthen their sense of security."
The quote helps to get the exact background where the story is happening. The story is centered on a teenager and his family. How his life moves on in a uneasy political situation including being compelled for night classes. The story later narrates the changes in his character in a good way.
The film has many other interesting facts like the teenager boy and his father are actually father and son in real life also. Also there is an unusual excess of actors in the movie, once you finish the movie its like you are back after a long journey. You wont remember everything that happened on the way, and also you won't remember all the faces you encountered.

PS: The girl is pretty and cute too..