Gespenster by Christian Petzold | German Movie

One of those movies in which we, the audience have got a big part in filling in the blanks. The film narrates a story with some abnormal characters in limelight. The film can possibly evoke different feelings in viewers. The story of an orphan girl who is trying to get some place somewhere.
Spoiler alert:
But in general the story is about an orphan, Nina. She meets Toni, another possibly orphan girl who have made theft a part of her daily life, an experienced shoplifter. Nina who feels attracted to Toni joins her in her pursuits.
Francoise is another lady who is under mental depression after she lost her baby, Marie. She mistakes Nina for Marie. At that moment Nina is confused whether to support Francoise or Toni. Toni however tries to ignore Francoise, calling her 'Crazy'. Later Toni betrays Nina.
Nina finds Francoise in a street and she suggests that she is Marie herself. Francoise agrees and takes Nina to her Apartment.
Pierre makes it clear to Nina that Marie is actually dead while Nina desperately tries to make him convince that she is Marie.Francoise leaves with her husband Pierre. Nina is again left orphan.

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