Gespenster by Christian Petzold | German Movie

One of those movies in which we, the audience have got a big part in filling in the blanks. The film narrates a story with some abnormal characters in limelight. The film can possibly evoke different feelings in viewers. The story of an orphan girl who is trying to get some place somewhere.
Spoiler alert:
But in general the story is about an orphan, Nina. She meets Toni, another possibly orphan girl who have made theft a part of her daily life, an experienced shoplifter. Nina who feels attracted to Toni joins her in her pursuits.
Francoise is another lady who is under mental depression after she lost her baby, Marie. She mistakes Nina for Marie. At that moment Nina is confused whether to support Francoise or Toni. Toni however tries to ignore Francoise, calling her 'Crazy'. Later Toni betrays Nina.
Nina finds Francoise in a street and she suggests that she is Marie herself. Francoise agrees and takes Nina to her Apartment.
Pierre makes it clear to Nina that Marie is actually dead while Nina desperately tries to make him convince that she is Marie.Francoise leaves with her husband Pierre. Nina is again left orphan.

List of best Javascript Libraries for Web Developers.


This is a good list of JavaScript libraries that will be useful for web developers. The main use of this directory is that you need not stick on to a single framework always. You can decide on which one will suit the most for your project. If you are using JavaScript for lot many things a full framework is useful, else you can better do with a specialized framework.

Archive of Google Holiday Logos

All of us have seen the Holiday logos Google puts on its main site occasionally. Here is an archive of such Holiday and Fan Logos Google have used in the past. Google Holiday Logos

Actually there are 29 Buddhas, not just Gautama.

Its nice to know that there are 28 more Buddhas. Here is a list of all 29 Buddhas at Wikipedia. List of the 28 Buddhas. Our "Narada Muni" is also in the list.
PS: Wikipedia Page heading is "list of 28 Buddhas". But they have listed 29!! Yet another mystery to solve??

Basho's Old Pond Haiku

古池や 蛙飛込む 水の音

"old pond . . .a frog leaps in water’s sound"


A Backward Glance O’er Travel’d Roads - Whitman

"I round and finish little, if anything;
and could not, consistently with my scheme.
The reader will always have his or her part to do,
just as much as I have had mine. I seek less to state
or display any theme or thought, and more to bring
you, reader, into the atmosphere of the theme or
thought — there to pursue your own flight."

Blogger Buzz: Create Pages in Blogger

Blogger Buzz: Create Pages in Blogger
Now you can create some custom pages in Google blogger. Hope to see some 'About' pages and Galleries along with many blogs.

Hide dotted lines around links on focus or active

First thing you should be aware of is that, it is never recommended to remove outline on active or focused links. The reason is that it will decrease accessibility which in fact is a big thing.

Let people who prefer keyboards, or having no mouse not blame you for reducing default accessibility settings. But if you are aware of what you are doing here is how.

JQuery Prototype window / DOM Window / Pop-up window


If you just need a pop-up and not an exact windows/mac-like window.

Need to integrate those DOM windows that pop out over a translucent black layer over your web page? Here is a nice and good j-query plug-in by 'swip' . The plug-ins are also highly customizable. You can control the size position,border etc of the window, you can add your close button if you like, you can change the opacity of black overlay layer. Here is a snap shot of how it looks.