Das Boot (1981) - Wolfgang Petersen

An excellent West German (at that time) film portraying the life of a captain and his crew inside their U-boat during WWII.

The war and other politics never enters the scene, we only see a bunch of soldiers waiting for orders(this is what they do most of the time,bored), doing their duty(attack enemy ships when ordered), saving their life(when enemy strokes back) and praying for their survival(when there is nothing else to do and enemy is attacking).
With the directors excellent view watching this movie has become no different from being a part of the U-boat crew. We sail with the crew and shares their joys and emotions. I watched the uncut version (280 min) but never felt bored ( I thought I would ).
Never miss this film if you're a film lover. I recommend the uncut version itself and also watch film alone.

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