Wrap text around objects in Photoshop

Have you ever wondered how you can make a circle  full of text in Photoshop, or a triangular shaped paragraph or may be text wrapping around your photo cut-out. I just read this Layers magazine video tutorial on wrapping text around objects.
Think of a floated web page scenario with paragraphs and images with images floating left. I would always love to do it in HTML as its just a matter of a few lines of CSS . But in Photoshop while designing i always did some personal hacks to emulate such a layout. The problem is simple, I only know to make text inside a box or directly type without bounding box. Both of these wraps text inside a rectangular container. What if i want to wrap text around a guy as shown in the ref image. I would try with some spacing adjustments (like how some people do the whole "MS Word" formatting with just the space and enter keys). I always hated doing it.Now i have got a new way to wrap text that is to make the text inside a text, simple. If you want a more elaborate video tutorial check the link below.

Wrap Text Around Objects in Photoshop Layers Magazine Video Tutorial

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