Seperate your css for different pages.

I have had situations when i wrote css in  a single page for similar pages in a site and later i had to separate out the css for different pages. It was both time and brain consuming task to separate the css even with help of firebug plug-in for FirefoxBut now i just saw yet another plug-in that can be used along with firebug to find unused css selectors for a page.

So how to seperate out the css is the next question. Duplicate the single css file and give it separate names and link it to the different pages. Once you have done this open pages one by one and find the unused css selectors with this tool and remove those rules.
Yet another part remainining is optional idea of moving common css rules to a common css file.This can be done by comparing the used css but i feel it time consuming.

The actual intention of this tool is not what i explained now, it is used to Clean the css and remove unused selectors which we will need after each design is getting ready to be delivered.
Here is the link where you can install Dust Me selectors.
Install firebug from here.
Download firefox from here.

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Kiran Tom Sajan said...

Brain consuming task or time consuming task?? :P Anyways how much brain u ve got now, remaining? :P Just kidding.. :D