Photoshop Displacement Map Layers Magazine


Learn how to effectively use displacement maps in Photoshop, a must do for photo manipulators. I just tried displacing the below logo into my T-shirt. Real cool tutorial by Dave Cross .A must do for advanced PSD users.

Wrap text around objects in Photoshop

Have you ever wondered how you can make a circle  full of text in Photoshop, or a triangular shaped paragraph or may be text wrapping around your photo cut-out. I just read this Layers magazine video tutorial on wrapping text around objects.
Think of a floated web page scenario with paragraphs and images with images floating left. I would always love to do it in HTML as its just a matter of a few lines of CSS . But in Photoshop while designing i always did some personal hacks to emulate such a layout. The problem is simple, I only know to make text

Designing Rolls-Royce Ghost

Checkout how they made Rolls Royce Ghost. Sketch, Concept drawing, Model in clay, Make the car... simple process!!!

Micro bits for examinations


Marannu pokathirikkan  ezhuthippadikkuka........

PS: All characters in this "micro bit" is purely fictional any resemblance to any handwriting is purely coincidental.

Indian Train Journey

Got this image from a forwarded e-mail by my friend Ragavan,wonder who took this fantastic shot :P

Scribblings On Train


Stone age drawings in an Indian Train.

Seperate your css for different pages.

I have had situations when i wrote css in  a single page for similar pages in a site and later i had to separate out the css for different pages. It was both time and brain consuming task to separate the css even with help of firebug plug-in for FirefoxBut now i just saw yet another plug-in that can be used along with firebug to find unused css selectors for a page.

Sanjay Pinto Communications Logo


The final one was delivered after changing the artistic brushes to clean brush. Did this sometime back for Kiran's Client.