Paper Waste Days

I never noticed him living in my room before.. sorry dude !!!

Hi hi.... my one and only one room mate, but i never got time to even say a "Hi" to him ... I was really busy with design and other computer craps all the time. And at last GOD gave me the chance, he injected the wrong idea of updating my System BIOS and poor me, unaware of his intentions did everything as he planned. Not to mention, system was turned into something comparable to paper waste and me myself, another piece of paper waste.
One paper waste(PC) along with the other(me) will be lying in my room all the time, both silent and half dead(with music played from mobile in background). After going like this for a while we found that there is one more inmate in our room. He makes sounds and runs through the walls and roofs. Handsome fellow.... but is always naked.We paper wastes started watching him. Sometimes he will be on attention and will remain like that for long. Long means really long , i even fell asleep while watching one such stand still of my friend. But when he makes a move, he does it with passion. His moves are always filled with confidence and he makes sure whoever takes the pain of watching his endeavors feels that he is doing a serious work. I always felt he is doing some serious work while watching him during the paper waste days.
Its impossible to describe him without mentioning about his immense patience. Such a great guy with regard to his patience. With a prey at a distance of a few centimeters he waits for 5-10 minutes some times before even making an attempt to catch it. His HIT rate is really high , as long as i know him.
Yet another thing to notice is his attitude, it shows up when he makes a MISS instead of a HIT while hunting. If there is no chance of a HIT again he goes for a stand still again, switches on his RADAR and finds the new location of the prey. Moves slowly and again goes on a stand still at a close location.
Now don't ask me what if he fails in this attempt also. I really never saw him fail twice.
Here is a snap of Dude i took during Paper Waste days if u wish to see him

There is a lot more about my room mate, including his strange sounds and his fast/slow mode runnings. But I am no more bored to write about him as my PC is back after the repair.
I understood many things during these paper waste days. One important thing is that "I have nothing to do at home other that eating sleeping and going to toilet if PC is not working". Even to do a pencil drawing i need Photoshop open.

PS: "If you go wrong while doing BIOS update you computer will become a Paper Waste". I neglected this warning at some website to successfully enter my "Paper Waste" days.

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