The Web Design Job A Simple Day

Goes to bed late daily now-a-days as i got a lot of things to update in the design world and web world both changing a lot daily. It is never possible to get all of a days updates in these topics, but i tries to get as much as i can, then go to sleep. It will be around 2:am when i finally goes to bed.

Also the month of ramdan is going on so i'm fasting during the day time .I cant simply go on fasting as I get up, need to fill fuel. . I'll have to get up at 4:30 am to have ramadan special food, thats 2:30 hrs away from my sleep. Eat as much as I can and goes back to my room.

From here two things can happen one is to switch on computer and browse for sometime and then get ready and leave to office. Other is simple and straight, sleep with alarm set for 7:30 and sleep till 9:30 finally reach office 1 hr late.

After reaching office there are a lot of things to do.Works start with thinking of some idea for a design. As I try to think nothing will work out as usual. So after some more thinking and rough sketches in my sketch book i makes myself understand that nothing is going to work out and tells myself, don't worry you know what to do!!.

Its time for inspiration, inspiration means pure inspiration there is no questions on that. Designers all over the world are actually inspired by others works. What i mean is that inspiration is not copying, its simply inspiration.

So nothing much to do, sites are already bookmarked in firefox css mania is the first in list, css mania showcases a lot of good websites, so browse css mania randomly ,get many ideas ,mix all good ideas and get a new design. You can even get"inspired" by color schemes in websites, no problem. So after some time u will come up with an idea of what to do. God!! job is somewhat settled, just settled not "done".

If I was not fasting(ramadan) its time for a tea. But unfortunately no tea this time. Move on to next step. Implement the design in photoshop. I simply opens photoshop and "f" key is pressed 2-3 times then i press " tab key" once , alas!! a screen with no mess appears,no toolbox options...only screen and rulers and grids and guides. Its time to start work that is to make a .psd file of "how the web site looks".

This seems easy but consumes a lot of time and expertise. Sometimse expertise cross borders and i will be forced to refer tutorials on psd ut+ or some others, but maximum attempt will be done to avoid such extra work. This work can even take to more than one day.I have gone upto 3-4 days for a single work like this.

So after some hours or days you comes up with the design somewhat happy seeing the pretty output obtained. After spending lot of time simply watching the output and appreciating myself i shows it to boss. He make a thorough review of the design, appreciates the work and makes suggestions on improvising it or replacing certain things. These are actually the suggestions for the next "theme".

So its time save the work to "theme 12" folder and create a new folder "theme 13". Keep the reviews and suggestions in mind while doing the next bunch of "inspirations" and "design". This cycle can go on pretty long as i don't usually come up with a "best" design.

The funnier part is when the client gives feedback. If you are a designer you know it already, no need to explain.( If you are a real good designer i don't know how things are anyways).

Its fun to be designing all the day. Blogging, twitting,coding,eating and sleeping rest of the time. Only thing is that i am not getting enough time to sleep.

PS:I used to sleep 12-22 hrs a day before joining as designer.

Its already late by now "theme 14" need to be made tomorrow morn. :)

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