Apple computer's first logo featuring Issac Newton

Noticed this funny thing last day while browsing on a post about evolution of many corporate logos. In that, the first n formost of all apple logos features Sir Issac Newton himself and the "apple" which fell on his head according to the fables.
I actually had a misconception that Steve Jobs ate the missing part of apple's apple but after observing the evolving logos i understood that it was newton who ate the missing piece of apple. Anyways nice "first logo".
But did newton eat that apple or left it there and went behind gravity and then may be Steve Jobs came that way...or may be.........whatever......

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2 Responses:

Kiran Tom Sajan said...

Da I thought the apple in the Apple logo s the apple which Eve ate in Eden Garden. Thought Steve Job might have eaten that apple. Humans got intelligence from Eden apple only rite. And Apple can associate with intelligence also..

sabith pocker said...

That is a great idea dude :). But the pic says its same apple that fell in Newtons head :). Nwys I'll ask Steve Jobs once i c him.