Rithu Ritu or Eruthu or may be Erutu - Shyama Prasad


A film on relationships and their depths and changes with time. A deep look into true love at the right time, ie. when fakes are all around. The theme is fine but the film is not that fine, syama prasad wants to tell a lot of things but is his charachters telling them with the same intensity as the director has, i don't thik they have. There is no point in a simple 'audience' questioning a national award winning director. But audience is audience.
I do appreciate the man who designed those lovely posters which shuoul'd have attracted a bunch of 'visual' people to the 'cinema'. Some parts of close ups looked like the charachters detached from their backgrounds, not sure of the reason may be a bad focus or a bad color correction whatever i felt so, just "I".
There was a FAT guy probably Syama Prasads relative i think, there is no other way his charachter aride into the scene. Just joking, Shyama Prasad deliberately wants to take the issue of displaced people from IT parks into the film or may be he wants to stress the hero's Communism whatever ......It reminded me of certain Tamil movies introducing Vadivelu inbetween storyline.
The end of the story is a certain guess for those who have seen a bit of Hollywood movies, the book writer should dedicate, i was damn sure about that.
Syama, i expected a lot more, obviously my fault......
Syama Prasad told what he wanted to tell, we people heard there is no point in questioning the author.
But Syama, i spent 50 bugs to hear the story.

PS: If u ask me about the movie, I liked it much. But if Syama Prasad asks I would answer the other way.

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