Aug 04 2009

Alarm is of no use, i proved it again!! mom came from downstairs switched off alarm and called me. While walking to bus stop saw a boy running with his school bag as thogh he is going to miss his bus, if the time was 1 year back i would have stopped him and advice him not to worry about times. Somehow i dont have the "rights: to advice him right now, i ve also become a "regular" guy sticking to some time shedules. "Regular" doest but mean perfect solid state, may be its somewhere near liquid, anyway my old gaseous state(no time) is no more.

Days are great. I reach office after browsing through hundreds of young charming girls while in my 30 min journey. There starts the great job of switching on my good old brain, kept untouched for long period the crap acts weird always while starting. So it takes a while to make it run right. Once i feel i am on the rails running smooth i move on to the next job- what should i do now? I will check my recently opened document to chk wht i was doing last day. If i finds somethingin that well and good its time to furnish the half done design file, probably till i leave at evening. But if recent documents proves no good i will browse through the innumerable folder i created in my just 1 and half months works to find what i did last day, probably ill end up finding some work by myself this way. But if there is none ill have to change on to my last option, i turn over to my boss and ask him what should i actually do now?

He will be having no confusions straigh away gives off the answer and both of us happily goes deep into our works. The feeling of going deep into a work, sometimes forgetting the outside world is really enjoyable, obviously we can enjoy it only after you get out of that state and look back.

Yet another thing is the satisfaction after u gets impressed by your own works. "Did i actually do this thing myself?" I would sometimes ask after designing stuff. There is the other side also that is when you feel your work is not up to the mark, then you feel frustrated not because the work is bad but because you wasted lot of time to do that crap-this situation occur more than the other :)

Evenings are the time to decide whether to go to thattumpuram or g directly to home. Probably ill leave home as ill be tired by evening or else ill call someone to come and pick me up. Daily 5:30 to 6 is my time to leave, but i usually grab the 7'o clock bus after i found someone daily boarding the same bus, shez certainly older than me but still... :P

Once i reach home ill be doing more designs or drawing some pencil sketches. Watching movies are rare but i do find time for that too....

Waiting for tomorrow...

PS: My hair has grown beyond the limits, Now im like some Cave man

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