Heat map of your web site for free


Find heat map of your web site for free. See where all on your page people are clicking and browse information in each day using calender. If your web site is working on PHP scripts its time to have your heat map installed to understand the behaviour of your clients.

- on the browser's client: Javascript (tested on Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Konqueror...)
- on the server: either Linux or Windows (since ClickHeat 1.3 release), Apache or Lighttpd (other may work fine), PHP, the graphic library GD2 (PNG support needed). Please post on the bug tracker or contact us (link on the right) if you have problem running ClickHeat.


- Low logging activity: a very few function calls to log a click, no server load rise should be noticed (have a look at Performance & optimization)
- A keyword is used to define the page upon Javascript code load, allowing you to group same pages.
- Screen sizes and browsers are logged, making possible the tracking of liquid CSS layouts (100% used width).

Heat Map Download Page

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