Upcoming Firefox 3.5 and private browsing.


While doing some search you came across a link that you want to visit but unfortunately you don't want anyone else to know that you visited such and such web sites. What you might do is to clear all private data before you close the browser, if you feel its risky to do this manually you might change settings to do it automatically.

But in both the cases you miss all your legitimate non private browsing history also. Firefox 3.5 have a new feature Private browsing session , it leaves behing no trace and also no hope for a reasonable doubt that you visited your private site. No records like history cookies or anything related to the private search will be stored, they are flushed once you end the private session. Another interesting thing is that when you stop the private session you are back to the situation when you entered the private session all the opened tabs intact.

There had been a reasonable controversy with Microsoft BING search engine making untraceable access to pornography possible with "hover and play preview videos" from search result. How are people going to respond when a trace free option is provided in the browser itself.

the mozilla wiki says

"Many people believe that the primary use case for private browsing mode is viewing pornography. While viewing pornography may be a popular use case due to the nature of content on the Web, assuming that this is the only reason that users need private browsing trivializes the overall feature. For instance, users may wish to begin a private browsing session to research a medical condition, or plan a surprise vacation or birthday party for a loved one. Use cases will range from users
cheating on their spouse, to users buying engagement rings. Given the breadth of our user base, specific use cases are likely to be extremely varied. "

Anyway there is no meaning in blaming Einstein for what happened in hiroshima

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