JUN 01

Yet another JUN first......But i got no school for the time being... obviously..to reopen. My graduate days ended a month ago, not just mine...anyways. A month past "no classes" seems like a whole f**ing year.....There is practically nothing to do other than shopping and visiting friends,Hope there is no need to mention abt watching films as its already there even when classes wer there.
There is two ways out of this situation. One is to grab a job and the other choice is higher studies. Both sounds horrible.... there should be an alternative....a simple way out....at last we sorted it out, a way out and also a way back to our heaven. The idea can be simply told as "lower studies"...although technically people call it "internal improvement" if you refer dictionary it'l tell you as.." the act of obtaining readmission to a lower semester after completing the whole course with an intention to improve internal marks"...
A fine and beautiful idea.....another 6 months of joy......at a cost of ~2500 bugs and "blessings" from home. But days till that are still blank...?
There should be something to do wen not sleeping,eating,bathing,watching movie,chatting......there should be something to do.Atlast i decided to try my hands with the new google wave.....its a nice thing to do.....no one knows much about wave..nothing much to study as there are not much content available. I'm just investigating on what actually wave is and have already come to some conclusions....hope to describe about wave later not now.....:P
but in the meantime if anybody is interested you can search for "google wave" in google.
I'm also furnishing my designing skills.....even tried to get inspiration from old mural paintings, herez none of those old works which i liyked a lot......Im also trying to grab the idea of using colours effectively by understanding what feeling each colour and combination of colours can impose on us.....a nice topic but vast one :P
Meanwhile i saw a lot of excellent movies. I'll blog on them sooner or later......Fargo,Taxi Driver,Midnight Cowboy,Seven Pounds..and a lot more...........

PS : Today i decided to do one pencil drawing, but luckily i couldnt find one white paper :)...again im left "bored"

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