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Microsoft have made its next step in the course of cold war between itself and Google. While Google is reinventing e-mails with the Goolge wave or basically with waveprotocol, Microsoft have released their fully furnished single room search engine.."Bing"..Bing is simple as its name unlike their earlier search engines whose pages i always hated to visit. The simple looks might be inspired by the success story of Google, but Bing is not just about simple looks, it is making the search also simpler with its features like a list of similar searches in a left pane. "Similar searches" might be the simpler one when compared with the image search features.....


-Related Searches

*Shows a list of relevent related searches in a left pane
EG: view



* small
* medium
* large
* wallpaper


* square
* wide
* tall


* color
* black & white


* photograph
* illustration


* just faces
* head & shoulders
* other

-images on left pane

*After you select one image other images of search result are shown in left pane so that you can change you decision without going back one page.

-Clean look

*Details of images are only shown on mouse over. Result-the page looks neat.

-Show similar images

* If you got a picture similar to what you need click on the similar pictures link under it, helpful sometimes.



* short (<> 20 min)

-screen size

* standard
* widescreen


* low
* medium
* high

* YouTube
* Rajshri
* Rediff
* Ibnlive
* Dailymotion

-mouse Hover to preview play

* Hovering mouse over search result thumbnails will automatically play video for preview


Map is some geo-search faclity. Anyway im not inerested with its current functionality. Hope more data will be added to it like Google Earth or wikimapia.

wanna visit BING ?

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