Firefox 3.5 released

Firefox 3.5 Download page

The long awaited Firefox 3.5 is now available for download. The newest version is told to be much faster and feature rich. The timing comparison is illustrated in mozilla site as shown is the image on left side.

Among the many new features of Firefox 3.5 features like Support for open videos, private browsing, Better memory management (the old memory lakes are fixed), improved their graphics engine( you can see clearer and sharper images, but still weird PNG renders in ie6 will remain a problem for designers [:(] ) , There are lot of oher features and a huge collection of plugins........ Firefox promises you everything. If you see something is missing, just post in their forum wht is missing, you will get that soon.......... enjoy the power of open sourse, enjoy browsing with brand new firefox 3.5.

Download here

Firefox versions with my local language "Malayalam" is also available. For those who are looking for a malayalam or tamil browser its a good option to change over to firefox "Other systems and languages page HERE

70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding | CSS | Smashing Magazine


A nice and simple web design


Upcoming Firefox 3.5 and private browsing.


While doing some search you came across a link that you want to visit but unfortunately you don't want anyone else to know that you visited such and such web sites. What you might do is to clear all private data before you close the browser, if you feel its risky to do this manually you might change settings to do it automatically.

But in both the cases you miss all your legitimate non private browsing history also. Firefox 3.5 have a new feature Private browsing session , it leaves behing no trace and also no hope for a reasonable doubt that you visited your private site. No records like history cookies or anything related to the private search will be stored, they are flushed once you end the private session. Another interesting thing is that when you stop the private session you are back to the situation when you entered the private session all the opened tabs intact.

There had been a reasonable controversy with Microsoft BING search engine making untraceable access to pornography possible with "hover and play preview videos" from search result. How are people going to respond when a trace free option is provided in the browser itself.

the mozilla wiki says

"Many people believe that the primary use case for private browsing mode is viewing pornography. While viewing pornography may be a popular use case due to the nature of content on the Web, assuming that this is the only reason that users need private browsing trivializes the overall feature. For instance, users may wish to begin a private browsing session to research a medical condition, or plan a surprise vacation or birthday party for a loved one. Use cases will range from users
cheating on their spouse, to users buying engagement rings. Given the breadth of our user base, specific use cases are likely to be extremely varied. "

Anyway there is no meaning in blaming Einstein for what happened in hiroshima

Bing - New search facility from Microsoft


Microsoft have made its next step in the course of cold war between itself and Google. While Google is reinventing e-mails with the Goolge wave or basically with waveprotocol, Microsoft have released their fully furnished single room search engine.."Bing"..Bing is simple as its name unlike their earlier search engines whose pages i always hated to visit. The simple looks might be inspired by the success story of Google, but Bing is not just about simple looks, it is making the search also simpler with its features like a list of similar searches in a left pane. "Similar searches" might be the simpler one when compared with the image search features.....


-Related Searches

*Shows a list of relevent related searches in a left pane
EG: view



* small
* medium
* large
* wallpaper


* square
* wide
* tall


* color
* black & white


* photograph
* illustration


* just faces
* head & shoulders
* other

-images on left pane

*After you select one image other images of search result are shown in left pane so that you can change you decision without going back one page.

-Clean look

*Details of images are only shown on mouse over. Result-the page looks neat.

-Show similar images

* If you got a picture similar to what you need click on the similar pictures link under it, helpful sometimes.



* short (<> 20 min)

-screen size

* standard
* widescreen


* low
* medium
* high

* YouTube
* Rajshri
* Rediff
* Ibnlive
* Dailymotion

-mouse Hover to preview play

* Hovering mouse over search result thumbnails will automatically play video for preview


Map is some geo-search faclity. Anyway im not inerested with its current functionality. Hope more data will be added to it like Google Earth or wikimapia.

wanna visit BING ?

mangiya varnangal---malyalam poem

Mangiya Varnangal -- Faded colours

Nirangale en nirangale, nirakkottukale en kootukare
etra manohara chitrangal theerthu naam chillittu vekkan manassukalil
ethoro mookamam nimishaangalil, etho ajnathamam nirvrithikkay
varnangaloronnay vaari eriyumbol chitrangalenthe naam kandathilla?
thellonnu maari aa chitrangal kaanumbol vallathoranubhoothi, athbhuthavum
vaarivithariya varnangal maari innarum kothikkunna chitrangalay
ormakal chikki chikanju njan nokkumbol konjanam kthunnaa varnangalum
innente varnangal mangippoyi, innente chitrangal artha-shoonyam
iniyuma varnangal onnikkumo? sundara chitrangal sadhyamamo?


A wonderful neo-noir film by the Coel brothers, Joel and Ethen. The film is made in such a way that we feel they have shot real life itself. The cast includes Frances McDormand, William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare and Harve Presnell.
The film is like narrating the story of a car salesman getting into trouble after he hires 2 dangerous men for a weird idea. It looks real, they say its inspired by real incident. You wont believe them completely anyways, and there is no need for that also.

C'era una volta il West,"Once upon a time in the west"

A wester Spaghetti by the great Sergio Leone and casting the incredible Henry Fonda as the villain, Frank. Jason Robards as Cheyenne and Charles brosnon as Harmonica comes in the hero side in an attempt to save Cludia Cardinale as Jill. I f you are not interested in cowboy movies better watch this one and get addicted. I'm already on to the next movie....." A Fistful of Dollars", yet another western........

JUN 01

Yet another JUN first......But i got no school for the time being... reopen. My graduate days ended a month ago, not just mine...anyways. A month past "no classes" seems like a whole f**ing year.....There is practically nothing to do other than shopping and visiting friends,Hope there is no need to mention abt watching films as its already there even when classes wer there.
There is two ways out of this situation. One is to grab a job and the other choice is higher studies. Both sounds horrible.... there should be an alternative....a simple way last we sorted it out, a way out and also a way back to our heaven. The idea can be simply told as "lower studies"...although technically people call it "internal improvement" if you refer dictionary it'l tell you as.." the act of obtaining readmission to a lower semester after completing the whole course with an intention to improve internal marks"...
A fine and beautiful idea.....another 6 months of a cost of ~2500 bugs and "blessings" from home. But days till that are still blank...?
There should be something to do wen not sleeping,eating,bathing,watching movie,chatting......there should be something to do.Atlast i decided to try my hands with the new google wave.....its a nice thing to one knows much about wave..nothing much to study as there are not much content available. I'm just investigating on what actually wave is and have already come to some conclusions....hope to describe about wave later not now.....:P
but in the meantime if anybody is interested you can search for "google wave" in google.
I'm also furnishing my designing skills.....even tried to get inspiration from old mural paintings, herez none of those old works which i liyked a lot......Im also trying to grab the idea of using colours effectively by understanding what feeling each colour and combination of colours can impose on us.....a nice topic but vast one :P
Meanwhile i saw a lot of excellent movies. I'll blog on them sooner or later......Fargo,Taxi Driver,Midnight Cowboy,Seven Pounds..and a lot more...........

PS : Today i decided to do one pencil drawing, but luckily i couldnt find one white paper :)...again im left "bored"