Letters from Iwo Jima

Story of a bunch of Japanese soldiers who were supposed to fight the Americans arriving in more than 50 ships. It shows the extreme army men of Imperial Japan ,the real patriots with no extremism and exceptionally narrates the fate of common man dragged into the war due to lack of soldiers. The film is a must watch.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - 2008

Film based on a 2006 novel. The film narrates the story of a boy who is the son of a German Army head. His family moves to a house near a concentration camp, which is supposed to be the notorious Aushwitz death camp.

The film is set in a similar situation like 'Schindler's list' but the story is told from the angle of boy's family.

Force delete files - Cannot delete, It is being used by another person or program

"Cannot delete somefile It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again." Dont believe what they are saying go and visit the free country website with the link given below. You will get a bunch of softwares listed over there ready to help you for free.

This is especially useful in removing worm/virus files locked just for defending removal. But in such a case see to it that you remove the virus/worm first otherwise the file will be replaced after a while or after a restart.

Also if you get time have a look at other free softwares like security softwares listed there by the freecountry.

Independent film - watch short films online @ IMDB

Watch independent ans studio films online with the independent film feature provided by internet movie database. They already have somewhat nice a collection, hope we'll get a huge collection of film works over there in the near future.
watch the films here IMDB Independent Films

NETLIMITER - find what all application use internet bandwidth and exactly how much

ALmost all of todays worms/viruses have the deadly habit of forwarding spams and/or downloading more malicious files via FTP. Some times while we are in windows we might get a smell of something like this happening but its hard to find out other than watching the LAN byte transfer with all net accessing programs closed

Here we can get a free tool to find how much of bandwidth is used by each application and also details of ports and all of each aplication is also shown with the software. The software is NETLMITER
Netlimiter is shareware, there is also netlimiter pro with more features available for download.

CUSAT engineering question paper civil cs ec eee it mechanical safety

you can find a small collection of question papers in the SOE Library section of CUSAT digital library........very useful feature but hard to find it out.....

SOE Library Page : http://dspace.cusat.ac.in/dspace/handle/123456789/83

Previous Question Papers CUSAT B.Tech : http://dspace.cusat.ac.in/dspace/handle/123456789/84

Click on the button "TITLES" to list the titles after you reach the desired page..........no question paper is shown in the pages by default.......