forcing those innocent souls to be a part of the ad network

Now... MAKE 1 WISH!!!!!!

Make it now,

It's you last chance!!


I hope you did make a wish, Now send the mail to:

* 1 person~ your wish will come true in a year
* 3 persons~6 months
* 5 persons~ 3 months
* 6 persons~ 1 month
* 7 persons~ 2 weeks
* 8 persons ~ 1 week
* 9 persons~ 5 days
* 10 persons~ 3 days
* 12 persons~ 2 days
* 15 persons~ 1 day
* 20 persons~ 3 hours

Ok, this is what you have to do:

Send this to ALL your FRIENDS!

But you have to DO THIS within’ an hour after you open this mail!

*** If you delete this after reading... you'll spend a year of ill luck!
blah blah blah..........
:P so there is nothing else to do....just simple procedure....send to all....

before spamming think of these things....

  1. Check if the e-mail have ads attached to it,if yes you know who want it to be forwarded at any cost.
  2. Even when there is ad and you know you are helping them you may forward if the content of the mail is worthy to the receiver.
  3. A lot of bandwidth power and time are wasted across the world 24/7 due to spam, make sure you are not a part of the spam mafia.
  4. A good thing to do is to remove the ads and long forwarded lists before forwarding again, if you deliberately need to forward mails.I am always happy to receive just the contents.
  5. If you want to keep in touch with friends, send a personal e-mail weekly or monthly instead of thousands of forwarded spams daily.
  6. The contents of some mails are beautiful some are highly motivating(for 5 mins) that you cant keep yourself away from forwarding....forward it the next day..not just after you read it..

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