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lot of people have misconception on what open source actually is....

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A plain version of the OSD without annotations can be found here.


Open source doesn't just mean access to the source code. The distribution terms of open-source software must comply with the following criteria:

1. Free Redistribution

The license shall not restrict any party from selling or giving away the software as a component of an aggregate software distribution containing programs from several different sources. The license shall not require a royalty or other fee for such sale.

Rationale: By constraining the license to require free redistribution, we eliminate the temptation to throw away many long-term gains in order to make a few short-term sales dollars. If we didn't do this, there would be lots of pressure for cooperators to defect.

2. Source Code

The program must include source code, and must allow distribution in source code as well as compiled form. Where some form of a product is not distributed with source code, there must be a well-publicized means of obtaining the source code for no more than a reasonable reproduction cost preferably, downloading via the Internet without charge. The source code must be the preferred form in which a programmer would modify the program. Deliberately obfuscated source code is not allowed. Intermediate forms such as the output of a preprocessor or translator are not allowed.

Rationale: We require access to un-obfuscated source code because you can't evolve programs without modifying them. Since our purpose is to make evolution easy, we require that modification be made easy.

3. Derived Works

The license must allow modifications and derived works, and must allow them to be distributed under the same terms as the license of the original software.

Rationale: The mere ability to read source isn't enough to support independent peer review and rapid evolutionary selection. For rapid evolution to happen, people need to be able to experiment with and redistribute modifications.

4. Integrity of The Author's Source Code

The license may restrict source-code from being distributed in modified form only if the license allows the distribution of "patch files" with the source code for the purpose of modifying the program at build time. The license must explicitly permit distribution of software built from modified source code. The license may require derived works to carry a different name or version number from the original software.

Rationale: Encouraging lots of improvement is a good thing, but users have a right to know who is responsible for the software they are using. Authors and maintainers have reciprocal right to know what they're being asked to support and protect their reputations.

Accordingly, an open-source license must guarantee that source be readily available, but may require that it be distributed as pristine base sources plus patches. In this way, "unofficial" changes can be made available but readily distinguished from the base source.

5. No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups

The license must not discriminate against any person or group of persons.

Rationale: In order to get the maximum benefit from the process, the maximum diversity of persons and groups should be equally eligible to contribute to open sources. Therefore we forbid any open-source license from locking anybody out of the process.

Some countries, including the United States, have export restrictions for certain types of software. An OSD-conformant license may warn licensees of applicable restrictions and remind them that they are obliged to obey the law; however, it may not incorporate such restrictions itself.

6. No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor

The license must not restrict anyone from making use of the program in a specific field of endeavor. For example, it may not restrict the program from being used in a business, or from being used for genetic research.

Rationale: The major intention of this clause is to prohibit license traps that prevent open source from being used commercially. We want commercial users to join our community, not feel excluded from it.

7. Distribution of License

The rights attached to the program must apply to all to whom the program is redistributed without the need for execution of an additional license by those parties.

Rationale: This clause is intended to forbid closing up software by indirect means such as requiring a non-disclosure agreement.

8. License Must Not Be Specific to a Product

The rights attached to the program must not depend on the program's being part of a particular software distribution. If the program is extracted from that distribution and used or distributed within the terms of the program's license, all parties to whom the program is redistributed should have the same rights as those that are granted in conjunction with the original software distribution.

Rationale: This clause forecloses yet another class of license traps.

9. License Must Not Restrict Other Software

The license must not place restrictions on other software that is distributed along with the licensed software. For example, the license must not insist that all other programs distributed on the same medium must be open-source software.

Rationale: Distributors of open-source software have the right to make their own choices about their own software.

Yes, the GPL is conformant with this requirement. Software linked with GPLed libraries only inherits the GPL if it forms a single work, not any software with which they are merely distributed.

10. License Must Be Technology-Neutral

No provision of the license may be predicated on any individual technology or style of interface.

Rationale: This provision is aimed specifically at licenses which require an explicit gesture of assent in order to establish a contract between licensor and licensee. Provisions mandating so-called "click-wrap" may conflict with important methods of software distribution such as FTP download, CD-ROM anthologies, and web mirroring; such provisions may also hinder code re-use. Conformant licenses must allow for the possibility that (a) redistribution of the software will take place over non-Web channels that do not support click-wrapping of the download, and that (b) the covered code (or re-used portions of covered code) may run in a non-GUI environment that cannot support popup dialogues.

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a positive thought....

Calm seas never make skillful sailors

MAR 25 : I started reading a book.....

MAR 25,a dysentery day for me, visited bathroom numerous times and now believe in the fact that HOTEL food can be dangerous.
The usual trick of "lemon tea" also proved to be of no use :(
Even when suffering from dysentery and visiting bathroom every 15 minutes, I've somehow dedicated myself to finish reading the book "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" . The last book which i gave a start "Angels And Daemons" is still in its %)% progress and half of the thriller is et to be explored. This one I have more confidence of finishing as the pages are lesser compared to the latter.

Shawshank redemption

There is no way to miss this film, the number one film at the worlds best movie database imdb. If you havent seen the film you missed one of the best movies of all time,i dont xpect u to mis it, just in case.....This film inspired by a Stephen King novel was directed by Frank Darabont . The narration, storytelling, direction script, picturization, photography...everything is excellent..........Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins shows outstanding acting ability ni the film.

it-vision magazine cover

final out is having some more changes...this was the initial design

invitation card/calendar design for sfi cusat unit

ProcX - Alternative taskmanager for windows

ProcX is a handy task manager software for windows from "Ghost Security". The software can be used as traditional task manager with additional facilities. We can track which all processes are accesing network and what all dlls are used by a specific process and all. Also this shows a broken logo for infected svchost files when they are running from 'non-windows' folders. The utility is a 55kb exe file which can be directly used with out installation.

Features are:
  • Display running processes and modules and view the resource usage
  • Delete process or module even when in use
  • Shows the processes accessing the network
  • Shows network accesses on request
  • Shows when a program tries to use a system process name
  • Displays loaded DLLs per process
  • Allow you to terminate a process in various ways (normal, higher, brutal)
  • Allow you to terminate, delete and/or rename a process
  • Allow you to set a process or a DLL to be deleted at next reboot
  • Compute MD5 checksum fingerprint of any process and copy it into the clipboard
  • Search a process name on Google
  • View properties of a process
  • Suspend/Resume/Terminate a process
  • Memory dump of a process

Download from here : ProcX

An old stage backdrop design

The high resolution backdrop was designed for B.Tech arts '08

'Variety' - A journey with kozhi :)

Sonu was storming the discussion with a variety of ideas. We'll go for a film,..or we'll go to the beach...or to some.....the list went on...Kozhi was silently listening to all these suggestions and whenever he gets a gap reminds about his strategy " da...we should try some we'll go for parasiling or something ........". I told him to rather climb up a hill and jump from the was not supposed to be joke but wht he tld(parasiling) this was the best reply...same standard :) ...and also i forgot to mention that we three wer actually slowly sailig through the campus roads in sonus bike....and this was going on for a while..along with the discussions.....i was jammed between the two of them....meaning the rival ideas of two of em and also i was literally jammed btwn those hulks....After finishing our slow sailing through almost all campus roads we decided to drink something....we went to "our" shop near campus and saw some one having "sip-up". Sonu instantly saw his friend paying bill and told him..."da pay for one sip up really hungry..".He did it and we thus got our first sip up of the day......kozhi as usual soon became unstable and he could hardly wait for sonu to finish his turn and handle over the rest of sip up to kozhi...kozhi coudnt wait long and after a lil bit of a fight he grabbed the sipup and started sucking the thing with a happy smile......the guys soon got addicted and we had half a dozen of sipups with us within 1 min.....I found that there is no point in standing i joined their attempt to experience "variety"....After a while kozhi found that its time to leave as we all finished our sipups......Again the discussions on "variety" continued..but this time after the sipup session kozhi had a "variety" idea...we'll buy loads of sip up from margin free shop and we'll go to our acacia forest near campus and have em frm der........I was rather surprised to know wht he meant by "variety" ranged from parasailing to drinking sipups in a lonely area...........Sonu was but addicted with sipups and joined kozhii with his plan......i was sandwitched between them in the bike, i had no ther option than to follow them....kozhi bought a cover full of sipups as planned and sonu started having em right frm the shop itself...i was waiting outside and thinking "whts actually going on?".....before i could think much i got indulged into the task of finishing off my sipup...we again started slow sailing in the bike now to the acacia forest, with all of us having the sipup hanging from our mouth...even our bike driver had one...I finished one sipup on the way and took another one from the cover....sonu and kozhi also had again on the way and by the time we reached acacia forest there was only one left.....I sat down on the floor to see the other two fight for the one sipup....sonu was the winner this time and had the sipup with a happy smile on his soon as he finished, i was relieved as i felt its now an end to the "variety" journey.....but the guys wer complete sipup addicts by the time..they again went to the first shop to have more sipups..i ...certainly had no ther coice than to follow their "variety" ideas......
This time as we reached the shop the climatic conditions wer nt that looked like a rebellion going on....students wer running from the shop and groups of others throwing something on to their was a confusing situation...really...the pungent smell that filled the air also added to my confusion........As we got into the shop things wer getting clear.....they wer taking fresh eggs out of the rack and givin their friends a nice facial with egg.....all of em had white egg crust in their hair......Sonu as soon as he entered the scene was attacked bruttally with more than one egg i guess because the smell was that much severe...i ran into the shop and hid myself backside of a shelf.........kozhi was also hiding and same time buying his next installment of sipups frm the shop......As the sitution became fyn we came out to witness the actuall condition of sonu ......he was completely filled with egg...a situation when we cant run away from the pungent smell ,as the smell comes right from our head and our dress and our whole to go back with this man in the bike?...i was thinking of that......i was thinking of that and standing 1 mtrs away from sonu watching his pathetic situation........kozhi was having his sip up in the background.....before i could find a solution for the problem the solution came to landed from above right on my head......after passing through my heavily grown hair some part of that viscous liqid slowly reached my forehead and face........I stood still as there was nothing to do at that of those riots helped me to spread the thing all round my body..........soon afterwards i was relieved...there is nthing more to worry...i became a free among those riots...and looked around with the eyes of a riot to fing kozhi starring at me with a sispup in his mouth...i shouted ..."catch that son of a........." and we got him easily and the riots gave sonu the priviledge to crush the egg on kozhi's.........Sonu did it with extreme pleasure and passion.....i enjoyed the scene standing along with the egg-riots......
I felt completely relieved when i saw the riots crushing an egg inside the underwear of a guy......we left the place with complete satisfaction after watching his facial expressions as they crushed the egg...............
We wer searching for "variety" all around........."variety" was but a generous person..filled with love......... and it came to the form of an egg-riot..........

PS: there should be something to remember was the last day of our college lyf...... :)
PPS: im damned bored after completing my first assignment of the sem...wrote 4 pages :(

End of eighth semester

Tomorrows class is the last one in B tech. I don't have any more chance to bunk classes or to attend. The perplexing question is whether i should bunk this last chance or attend my last class.

Into the wild

Study well, get graduated, grab a job , find a partner , marry , and let our children do the same stuff. Chris was one among those deviants who was not able to digest this life cycle. He chose a different way , he went into the wild, to live a life of nothing but everything. Watch the movie to understand what Chris tried to demonstrate with his life.

The movie is based on a best-seller book by Jon Krakauer.

The acting of Emile as Chris has been extraordinary. The narration and editing of the film are also excellent. During some parts of the film you might feel that you are watching discovery channel.

Sniffers,packet crafters,pass crackers, web scanner vulnerability scanners and a lot more

Sniffers,packet crafters,pass crackers, web scanners, vulnerability scanners and a lot more. For a well organized list of all these and a lot more security and network related softwares visit the website. Dont just browse the nmap scanner that they host in the main page but the left side lists have a complete list of other softwares. The organized list is a big help for those who are new to security and networking. Almost all the softwares are free for personal use.

PS: A tech post after long break....

If you have nothing to do

if you have nothing else to do, try to beat me...a not so interesting but addictive flash game :P

Guess who???

Hope you all remember this "COMPLAN BOY" TV commercial........want to know who the gal and the guy is? i juss came to know that its our shahid kapoor and ayesha takia :P


The 1942 film is an excellent romantic drama and a usual contestant for "all time best" movie awards. When it comes to romantic movies there is unfortunately no other choice than Casablanca. Any one will be surprised with the perfection of the movie which was made 60+ years back. A must watch movie... especially for those romantically inclined.

poster again


The final poster designed for ittude