The Shining

The film termed as the masterpiece of modern horror .Excellent work right from the story of Stephen King to the excellent portrayal of the character by Jack Nicholson.Watch what happens when Stephen King,Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson comes together. I don't wish to explain more as i gets frightened with the flash backs of the film which i saw around a year back. Anyhow,I didn't feel it so much scary then. The acting of the small boy is also great. The transformation of a character is excellently made into big screens by the combined effort of director Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson. A must watch film, I recommend you to watch it alone at night with lights off(Keep a bottle of water with you, you may not be able to go and get it later)
[image courtsey imdb]

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Kiran Tom Sajan said...

Sabith.. u remember.. Its with me u watched this flick for the first time..