Le Scaphandre et le papillon-The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Let your imagination set you free

Jean-Dominique Bauby set himself free by entering into the world of imagination as it was the only thing the massive stroke left behind for him besides his left eyelid. The fact that this is a real incident really surprised me.To watch the real picture of Bauby in Wiki after watching the film is no fun, i assure you.

The film is narrated from the view of a man who has whole of his body paralysed except left eye lid, how r u expecting it to be narrated from his point of view? How ever you expect the film is going to suprise you with the different view.

Watch how he get out of his panic and enters the world of imagination where he can do what ever he want

The viewer is prone to sleeping syndrome as the movie progresses, but a perfect movie anyways.

Hats off to the real Bauby.

imdb for The Diving Bell And The Butterfly


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