The new room under construction is like a hide out for me now, i sleeps there. There are no furniture just a bed, bed sheet, blanket and a pillow. Its anyway more than enough for me to live a lifetime. The main advantage of the hide out place is that it prevents trespassers unlike my room downstairs, mom and dad wont come and wake me up every minute. The result is obvious,I increased my sleeping time and gets up at evenings rather than afternoons.
Today was an exception. Dad was determined to wake me up as he wanted me to attend the Friday masjid prayer. It was at 1:30 I finally got up at 1:15 and got ready by 1:30 and rushed to the mosque which was just near to my home. I saw my friend Sheffin at the mosque who came to aluva to meet his bro's friend. I went with him to Kalamasery after he took his belongings from his friends house. The destination was our hostel.
We went in his bike which had full tank petrol. He fuelled it to maximum the day before forseeing the petrol strike today. The petrol pumps on the way were all 'HOUSE FULL' rare scene. Large number of people were pushing their 'empty tanked' two wheelers to the pump while we were flying in the fulltank bike. Throughout on the way the situation was similar, we witnessed may of our co-bikers slowing down and parking their bikes to road side without reaching their destinations.
I later came back in a transport bus to my home after spending some time at hostel. Some one had cleaned the kitchen and guys were planning to cook food, not sure of wht happened.
Life infront of computer after my returning was not easy. The computer was stuck with a virus which prevented me from accessing my mail and also started transferiing data from many places. It also condaminated my dns cache. I might post a detailed description of the virus attack and my plight later, it will be worth penning.

PS: Viruses were less feared when i knew lesser things, but now i know what they can do.

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