Januay 07
Local Time: 4:45am

January 6 started with a kick on my back, it was just Shinto's style of waking me up. I had plans to take a bath before i left to college but there was not enough time for that, also some one else already occupied the bathroom. So the usual practice of rinsing the hair in tap water was done and hair was combed with atmost care that no one should understand the 'secret'.
Attended only one hour of 'security in computing' but it was enough to sleep the rest of the day. Came back home in the evening bus to aluva from near our hostel. Started the main job of browsing chatting and eating until Sanoj reminded me about the site work iwas supposed to do. I started over with the work again after some gap and finished almost everything except the registration form which i hope i can finish tomorrow as its a holiday tomorrow, only problem is the very same qustion. When will I get up tommorow?

PS:I am going to bathroom,bye.

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