JAN 5 - day or a dream?


I bunked almost the whole of the class for the simple reason of not spoiling my wonderful sleep. As i woke up i was in a different mood, it seemed something from the spiritual readings and yoga asanas of yesterday remained in me. As I was walking to the bus stop i got a weird idea of walking directly to college without hiring bus. The fact that i will reach there late was not a problem as i anyway wont be able to attend class. I never stopped walking so that i will get a chance to change the decision. The inertia acted upon me and i remained in my state of motion for a distance of more than 10 kms. If ever anyone feels this a great thing, there is nothing great in it. Only the afternoon sun was a problem nothing else caused any harm to me.
Something never changes, even after proving myself that i can walk very long distances my mind sticked on to the cutom of calling my friends to pick me up in bike from south kalamassery. Sudeesh was der in some time to take me to hostel, it was already half an hour after class i think.
Sudeesh told something on the way which i never understood even after making him repeat it 2-3 times, i finally tld " ok got it" . I actually heard him sayin,"a man from space have reached our hostel" i understood what he meant once i saw a man from "spain" jumping on to me with a camera as i opened the door of the hostel. It was festive mood inside. Most were dancing, a hard rock song filled the air disallowing any conversation with me and the foreigner. I somehow managed to get his name ....louis, louis from Spain, not 'space'.
Louis was a photographer from Sapin who lost his beer on his way back from beer shop. My friends took him to hostel after watching this pathetic scene of him losing his beer, I am still not sure what all he had to drink instead of his beer!! He was very charming and was roaming all around mingling with everyone and taking photograph of whatever he saw. I liked the man as he took some photographs of me before myself compelling him to do so. He also appreciated me watching some of my drawings sticked on to the walls permanently, this added to my liking for louis. We took a lot more snaps before he left. I also found tie to show him some of my photographies. Shinto dropped him at town from where he was supposed to leave to his hotel.
The day ended up soon with a sleep, the whole day was just a few hours for me filled with all unusual things.
As louis left he collected our names and i gave him my address to post the photographs he took. He also found time to correct the spelling of louis and made it lluis. The man got a website at http://www.lluiscatala.com/ which is still under construction.

PS: If the spanish photographer is going to publish all the photographs he took, lot of people are going to suffer :)

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