Purposefully forgetting the fact that yesterday i slept early I remained rolled up inside my blanket till 1:30 pm. From then i was busy with food and computer. The leisure time was very less, but if someone asks wht i was doing there is no answer too. Most of the time was spent on deciding "what to do now" and the rest on "how to do that" a small amount of time was spent on dropping one idea and then again started with "what to do now".
This was but run as a daemon process, the foreground program was browsing through the internet in the same way we walk back through our associated memory, ie. by following the interesting link from the page where we have reached now. The reading can cover a lot of topics everyday, wikipedia help a lot for this. I even read the story of wikipedia founder in wikipedia once when curiosity crossed the limits along with boredom.
The work of the site www.xtrium.org is driving me crazy as the updates are reaching my mails part by part and my main job is updeating the site now. The fact that i havent done the registration form of the site is also disturbing me.
As my parents saw me doing nothing but eating and "computing" they decided to put their hands on my routine and a warning message was generated as a result. The warning started with a question from mom "When are you having class tomorrow?". I never bothered to answer in words, insted gave her a smile. She was but serious and i also saw dad in her background to assure that we decide on something. Their aim was simple, I should sleep at night and wake up at morning and go to school, school of engineering not the other 'school'. I told frmakly that it is not possible, i told i have to do some we site work and submit project SRS tomorrow. They did'nt tell anything as they already know that advises are going to make no impact on me.
During a chat last day some one told me that, we should make our friends feel that they are important. I argued that its not needed and showed her my friends as example. But any ways when things go wrong there is no philosophy but love and no rules but to persist.

PS:Two people of same kind behaved angrily today, one is ok by now the other one still remains not ok. why is that so?

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