There is no way to JAN 1 other than DEC 31 ,and for 31 you should definitely go through 30(unless u r born during these days).
I was not able to note down the DEC 30 -31 as i was not at home, as usual. The problem here is that i dont want the 30 and 31 among the 2009 posts. I also dont want to leave them aside. I finally decided to mix em up.

DEC 30
Nothing was special with DEC 30 until its dark outside. I got up from my sound sleep into the backgrounds of a noisy discussion. The topic was not clear for a while. The fight went on uttering names of different places. Now i understood what is going on, my friends were planning a tour cum new year. As i washed my face and came to sit down for a discussion everything was over. 'We' decided to go to KOVALAM beach. I called my mom and told I am going for a tour tomorrow morning and managed to get the permission as usual. All of us went to sleep early as our plan was to board a early morning train.

DEC 31
Some of the guys got up early morning and started the hilarious task of waking up the rest of us which again proved to be extremely tough. But anyway we all got ready as soon as we got up. It was already getting late by then. I was shivering as i took a bath in cold water,you should note - its early morning of december. As we packed our dresses into two bags and started leaving the room shinto entered bathroom to have a bath. We never expected such a move from him. He was but not worried about anything, calm and strong.
As some of us waited for the rest at road side, we saw a bus flying towards us. It was right time if we leave then, but shinto is still enjoying his bath. As the bus came and stopped at the bus stop we took a sudden decision and me sonu and sudessh went to railwaystation in that bus. As we reached there the train was like waiting for us. If ew took ticket and ran to the train we will get it for sure. Again only we three have come, the rest of the guys are on their way.
We started planning what to do next and got a list of trains after this one. Sudeesh called sarath at his time and they told they are outside the railway satation and are rushing inside. A question of whether the train will leave before we get in still persisted. Sonu took the ticket while we stood in groups near the doors of train, all our eyes pointed at the entrance expecting a 'sonu' rushing towards us with the ticket. It happened as we expected, he came with the ticket and it was a situation of joy and surprise.
The train journey was not so exiting expect the unsusal scenes of december dawns. The snowy climate along with the slanding rays made beatiful drawings on the canvas. The cold wind at the doorside was undesirable especially for the highly sensitive sudeesh who carried his goosebumps for around half an hour.
As we reached trivandrum, the native man "sonu" was given the job of guiding us to the beach. The job was later transferred to the rikshaw drivers as sonu proved to be useless. We reached kovalam in a bus, the next aim was a room. After some price comparisons we booked a room near to beach. The room was big enough for us.
The rest of the story is a typical new year celebration which i dont wish to explain.Insted id like to post some pics of the fun.

I was already time to vacate our room as we got up. All of us were some what tired of new year celebrations. As others were getting ready to vacate the room me sarath and vipin went to have a cup of tea. We went to almost all the shops in kovalam before we could find tea in a north Indian hotel. We ordered chappathi along with egg curry and waited for a very long time with our burning stomach.
After sometime a decent looking north Indian was found quarreling with the cashier for something, i never expected such behavior from that man. We got our food as he left and we started our job. After sometime a sound was heard from the kitchen, initially it was sound of some dishes falling down which gradually changed into a furious fight between two of the hoteliers. We sat down silently and enjoyed the fight. It was time to pay the bill and the fight was going on. It was just rs 180. We were sure that it was some mistake. We all had just 2 chappathi and egg curry each. The cashier called the one concerned. The egg curry unfortunately costed 50rs. The food we ate instantly got digested.
We visited the strange Indian Coffee House building near railway station before we started our way back home. The train journey was completely boring.

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