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The firefox search bar will have google search as default. We can change it to some other search tools like yahoo, wikipedia etc by clicking on the search engine icon. If we want to search something outside this default searched what should we do? for example i search imdb daily as i looks the rating cast and director as soon as i happen to hear about a film. So for me its better to add it also to search tools. Ill explain how to do that.

Just click on the search bar icon ('G' icon for google). Select the last option "Manage Search Engines". In that you can change the deafault order and all, below those options you will see a link "Get More Search Engines" click on it . You will be guided to a page of mozilla add ons. There you can search to find the search engine you want. I also checked that the right drop down is already set to "search tools" and then entered "IMDB" on search bar and typed enter. I got the search engine there.You can just add it to your browser by clicking on the green button saying "Add To Firefox" .

You can also make custom search tools like this, may be for your blog or for some other site you use frequently, it can be done mnaually by making a xml file or can be generated with some software or plugin. This topic ill hopefully discuss later. Those who dont have their favourite sites in their seach bar add it now!!

PS: I had to add the "IMDB search" again after a virus attack then i thought of just blogging it.

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