$100 laptop for INDIA reached $20, will it reach $10 as they say?

A final year student from velore institute of technology and an IISc(Blore) scientist is told to have reached their goal of making laptops at the cost of 47$ as they told. The offer for $100 laptops from Nicolas as part of one laptop per child was rejected by HRD, indian government lately quoting this offer from within india. Even when there are rumors on the features included like wi-fi 2GB RAM expandable port etc. we should anyway wait till the FEB 3 to know the reality.

Note : The image is a prototype of one lap top per type project, not the above discussed one.

[Times of india report on feb 3 unvieling read here]
[Times of india report on feb $10 laptops read here]
[ Image credit: "Fuse-Project"]

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