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the sleepy lean logo got many similarities with me :P. I am presently working on a new theme featuring this logo and more

Take GMAIL offline with google GEARS

Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Offline Gmail

The Google e-mail service is now available offline with the help of the google GEARS project by google labs. The google labs in gmail settings have now icluded this experimental feature which will take your recent emails offline and you can browse them without internet connection. The google GEARS is but not just to do this "offline Gmail" but aimed at more such tasks oriented towards making highly responsie web applications. Interested in the offline Gmail? Here is how to configure offline Gmail in your computer.
  1. Click Settings and click the Labs tab.
  2. Select Enable next to Offline Gmail.
  3. Click Save Changes.
  4. After your browser reloads, you'll see a new "Offline0.1" link in the upper righthand corner of your account, next to your username. Click this link to start the offline set up process and download Gears if you don't already have it.
  5. After you download GEARs you should run the setup and it will download some more files as part of the web installation and then restart your browser to enjoy the offline gmail

L'homme qui plantait des arbres- The man who planted trees

I saw the short film on this short story and never read the whole thing. The short film was made by Frederick Back during 1987 and it even bagged academy award for best animated short film. It is not so interesting but inspirational. The narration and story telling is excellent, story telling is same as the original story i think.

Read the story here http://www.perso.ch/arboretum/man_tree.htm

i feel it a "comedy", always........

Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think.
La Bruyere

JAN 29 The abnormal day

From the time i got up everything wass abnormal.I felt myself something apart from the whole world and as watching everything like a film. As the time got late i also started laughing alone in my room for no reason. The concentration power of mind has reduced to very low amount that even writing a blog post appears to be very difficult task. Doing normal jobs like designing, browsing etc seems to be impossible, i even tried drawing on paper and failed. The only things i am able to do is to hear songs and laugh for no reason. Situations are sometimes becoming too much worse that i even think of risking myself with some mental break down.
Something very interesting to be noted is that this situation arises only when i am left alone. The time when i had a chat with my friend and at the time of a phone call i felt somewhat normal.
Hope ill get to normal condition by tomorrow

A quote i saw at Tikun Olam an Israel blog

“The day is short, the task is great, the master is insistent. It is not your duty to complete the task, but neither are you free to desist from it….”
Pirkei Avot, 2:21

Tikun Olam ia a good blog for those who are interested in Israel Palestine Peace

came through a funny quote, but its real ryt :)

Kill a man, and you're a murderer.
Kill many, and you're a conquerer.
Kill them all, and you're a god.

The Notebook-2004

Behind every great love is a great story.
here is a film narrating such a story, An old man narrates such a story to an old woman at a nursing home...
Its a "romantically beautiful" movie
I am impressed by the photography of the film

Schindler's List-The story of Oskar Shcindler

Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.

When Oskar Schindler had many other choices, why he did this?
The story of a hero told by a hero of film indistry, Steven Spielberg.A must must watch film.
The acting of Liam Neeson as Schindler and Ralph Fiennes as Amon Göth are remarkable.

Le Scaphandre et le papillon-The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Let your imagination set you free

Jean-Dominique Bauby set himself free by entering into the world of imagination as it was the only thing the massive stroke left behind for him besides his left eyelid. The fact that this is a real incident really surprised me.To watch the real picture of Bauby in Wiki after watching the film is no fun, i assure you.

The film is narrated from the view of a man who has whole of his body paralysed except left eye lid, how r u expecting it to be narrated from his point of view? How ever you expect the film is going to suprise you with the different view.

Watch how he get out of his panic and enters the world of imagination where he can do what ever he want

The viewer is prone to sleeping syndrome as the movie progresses, but a perfect movie anyways.

Hats off to the real Bauby.

imdb for The Diving Bell And The Butterfly


Diarios de motocicleta- The Motorcycle Diaries

"Before he changed the world the world changed him"

A must watch for not only "Che" lovers but also for all movie lovers

Do not anticipate a complete revolutionary movie, this is his story before Che became revolutionary .Exactly saying this movie narrates the transformation state of "Che".....the storyline is a fun filled ride which slowly converges into the emergence of a revolutionary

PS: i wish i were the guy who went with che........ ;)

Cidade de Deus - City Of God


"Fight and you'll never survive..... Run and you'll never escape."
--a must watch brazilian movie--
they say its based on real incidents, but i don't believe

IMDB for city of god
wikipedia for city of god

Das Leben der Anderen-The lives of otheres

I recommend this german movie by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

The acting by Ulrich Mühe is also incredible..... a must watch film... the climax scene is also crafted wonderfully by the auhtor.

Yet another pencil drawing

sound of the shell.........6B pencil on A3 size paper.....

jan 17 saturday...........

IMDB search in firefox search bar

The firefox search bar will have google search as default. We can change it to some other search tools like yahoo, wikipedia etc by clicking on the search engine icon. If we want to search something outside this default searched what should we do? for example i search imdb daily as i looks the rating cast and director as soon as i happen to hear about a film. So for me its better to add it also to search tools. Ill explain how to do that.

Just click on the search bar icon ('G' icon for google). Select the last option "Manage Search Engines". In that you can change the deafault order and all, below those options you will see a link "Get More Search Engines" click on it . You will be guided to a page of mozilla add ons. There you can search to find the search engine you want. I also checked that the right drop down is already set to "search tools" and then entered "IMDB" on search bar and typed enter. I got the search engine there.You can just add it to your browser by clicking on the green button saying "Add To Firefox" .

You can also make custom search tools like this, may be for your blog or for some other site you use frequently, it can be done mnaually by making a xml file or can be generated with some software or plugin. This topic ill hopefully discuss later. Those who dont have their favourite sites in their seach bar add it now!!

PS: I had to add the "IMDB search" again after a virus attack then i thought of just blogging it.


The new room under construction is like a hide out for me now, i sleeps there. There are no furniture just a bed, bed sheet, blanket and a pillow. Its anyway more than enough for me to live a lifetime. The main advantage of the hide out place is that it prevents trespassers unlike my room downstairs, mom and dad wont come and wake me up every minute. The result is obvious,I increased my sleeping time and gets up at evenings rather than afternoons.
Today was an exception. Dad was determined to wake me up as he wanted me to attend the Friday masjid prayer. It was at 1:30 I finally got up at 1:15 and got ready by 1:30 and rushed to the mosque which was just near to my home. I saw my friend Sheffin at the mosque who came to aluva to meet his bro's friend. I went with him to Kalamasery after he took his belongings from his friends house. The destination was our hostel.
We went in his bike which had full tank petrol. He fuelled it to maximum the day before forseeing the petrol strike today. The petrol pumps on the way were all 'HOUSE FULL' rare scene. Large number of people were pushing their 'empty tanked' two wheelers to the pump while we were flying in the fulltank bike. Throughout on the way the situation was similar, we witnessed may of our co-bikers slowing down and parking their bikes to road side without reaching their destinations.
I later came back in a transport bus to my home after spending some time at hostel. Some one had cleaned the kitchen and guys were planning to cook food, not sure of wht happened.
Life infront of computer after my returning was not easy. The computer was stuck with a virus which prevented me from accessing my mail and also started transferiing data from many places. It also condaminated my dns cache. I might post a detailed description of the virus attack and my plight later, it will be worth penning.

PS: Viruses were less feared when i knew lesser things, but now i know what they can do.


Januay 07
Local Time: 4:45am

January 6 started with a kick on my back, it was just Shinto's style of waking me up. I had plans to take a bath before i left to college but there was not enough time for that, also some one else already occupied the bathroom. So the usual practice of rinsing the hair in tap water was done and hair was combed with atmost care that no one should understand the 'secret'.
Attended only one hour of 'security in computing' but it was enough to sleep the rest of the day. Came back home in the evening bus to aluva from near our hostel. Started the main job of browsing chatting and eating until Sanoj reminded me about the site work iwas supposed to do. I started over with the work again after some gap and finished almost everything except the registration form which i hope i can finish tomorrow as its a holiday tomorrow, only problem is the very same qustion. When will I get up tommorow?

PS:I am going to bathroom,bye.

JAN 5 - day or a dream?

I bunked almost the whole of the class for the simple reason of not spoiling my wonderful sleep. As i woke up i was in a different mood, it seemed something from the spiritual readings and yoga asanas of yesterday remained in me. As I was walking to the bus stop i got a weird idea of walking directly to college without hiring bus. The fact that i will reach there late was not a problem as i anyway wont be able to attend class. I never stopped walking so that i will get a chance to change the decision. The inertia acted upon me and i remained in my state of motion for a distance of more than 10 kms. If ever anyone feels this a great thing, there is nothing great in it. Only the afternoon sun was a problem nothing else caused any harm to me.
Something never changes, even after proving myself that i can walk very long distances my mind sticked on to the cutom of calling my friends to pick me up in bike from south kalamassery. Sudeesh was der in some time to take me to hostel, it was already half an hour after class i think.
Sudeesh told something on the way which i never understood even after making him repeat it 2-3 times, i finally tld " ok got it" . I actually heard him sayin,"a man from space have reached our hostel" i understood what he meant once i saw a man from "spain" jumping on to me with a camera as i opened the door of the hostel. It was festive mood inside. Most were dancing, a hard rock song filled the air disallowing any conversation with me and the foreigner. I somehow managed to get his name ....louis, louis from Spain, not 'space'.
Louis was a photographer from Sapin who lost his beer on his way back from beer shop. My friends took him to hostel after watching this pathetic scene of him losing his beer, I am still not sure what all he had to drink instead of his beer!! He was very charming and was roaming all around mingling with everyone and taking photograph of whatever he saw. I liked the man as he took some photographs of me before myself compelling him to do so. He also appreciated me watching some of my drawings sticked on to the walls permanently, this added to my liking for louis. We took a lot more snaps before he left. I also found tie to show him some of my photographies. Shinto dropped him at town from where he was supposed to leave to his hotel.
The day ended up soon with a sleep, the whole day was just a few hours for me filled with all unusual things.
As louis left he collected our names and i gave him my address to post the photographs he took. He also found time to correct the spelling of louis and made it lluis. The man got a website at http://www.lluiscatala.com/ which is still under construction.

PS: If the spanish photographer is going to publish all the photographs he took, lot of people are going to suffer :)


Purposefully forgetting the fact that yesterday i slept early I remained rolled up inside my blanket till 1:30 pm. From then i was busy with food and computer. The leisure time was very less, but if someone asks wht i was doing there is no answer too. Most of the time was spent on deciding "what to do now" and the rest on "how to do that" a small amount of time was spent on dropping one idea and then again started with "what to do now".
This was but run as a daemon process, the foreground program was browsing through the internet in the same way we walk back through our associated memory, ie. by following the interesting link from the page where we have reached now. The reading can cover a lot of topics everyday, wikipedia help a lot for this. I even read the story of wikipedia founder in wikipedia once when curiosity crossed the limits along with boredom.
The work of the site www.xtrium.org is driving me crazy as the updates are reaching my mails part by part and my main job is updeating the site now. The fact that i havent done the registration form of the site is also disturbing me.
As my parents saw me doing nothing but eating and "computing" they decided to put their hands on my routine and a warning message was generated as a result. The warning started with a question from mom "When are you having class tomorrow?". I never bothered to answer in words, insted gave her a smile. She was but serious and i also saw dad in her background to assure that we decide on something. Their aim was simple, I should sleep at night and wake up at morning and go to school, school of engineering not the other 'school'. I told frmakly that it is not possible, i told i have to do some we site work and submit project SRS tomorrow. They did'nt tell anything as they already know that advises are going to make no impact on me.
During a chat last day some one told me that, we should make our friends feel that they are important. I argued that its not needed and showed her my friends as example. But any ways when things go wrong there is no philosophy but love and no rules but to persist.

PS:Two people of same kind behaved angrily today, one is ok by now the other one still remains not ok. why is that so?


There is no way to JAN 1 other than DEC 31 ,and for 31 you should definitely go through 30(unless u r born during these days).
I was not able to note down the DEC 30 -31 as i was not at home, as usual. The problem here is that i dont want the 30 and 31 among the 2009 posts. I also dont want to leave them aside. I finally decided to mix em up.

DEC 30
Nothing was special with DEC 30 until its dark outside. I got up from my sound sleep into the backgrounds of a noisy discussion. The topic was not clear for a while. The fight went on uttering names of different places. Now i understood what is going on, my friends were planning a tour cum new year. As i washed my face and came to sit down for a discussion everything was over. 'We' decided to go to KOVALAM beach. I called my mom and told I am going for a tour tomorrow morning and managed to get the permission as usual. All of us went to sleep early as our plan was to board a early morning train.

DEC 31
Some of the guys got up early morning and started the hilarious task of waking up the rest of us which again proved to be extremely tough. But anyway we all got ready as soon as we got up. It was already getting late by then. I was shivering as i took a bath in cold water,you should note - its early morning of december. As we packed our dresses into two bags and started leaving the room shinto entered bathroom to have a bath. We never expected such a move from him. He was but not worried about anything, calm and strong.
As some of us waited for the rest at road side, we saw a bus flying towards us. It was right time if we leave then, but shinto is still enjoying his bath. As the bus came and stopped at the bus stop we took a sudden decision and me sonu and sudessh went to railwaystation in that bus. As we reached there the train was like waiting for us. If ew took ticket and ran to the train we will get it for sure. Again only we three have come, the rest of the guys are on their way.
We started planning what to do next and got a list of trains after this one. Sudeesh called sarath at his time and they told they are outside the railway satation and are rushing inside. A question of whether the train will leave before we get in still persisted. Sonu took the ticket while we stood in groups near the doors of train, all our eyes pointed at the entrance expecting a 'sonu' rushing towards us with the ticket. It happened as we expected, he came with the ticket and it was a situation of joy and surprise.
The train journey was not so exiting expect the unsusal scenes of december dawns. The snowy climate along with the slanding rays made beatiful drawings on the canvas. The cold wind at the doorside was undesirable especially for the highly sensitive sudeesh who carried his goosebumps for around half an hour.
As we reached trivandrum, the native man "sonu" was given the job of guiding us to the beach. The job was later transferred to the rikshaw drivers as sonu proved to be useless. We reached kovalam in a bus, the next aim was a room. After some price comparisons we booked a room near to beach. The room was big enough for us.
The rest of the story is a typical new year celebration which i dont wish to explain.Insted id like to post some pics of the fun.

I was already time to vacate our room as we got up. All of us were some what tired of new year celebrations. As others were getting ready to vacate the room me sarath and vipin went to have a cup of tea. We went to almost all the shops in kovalam before we could find tea in a north Indian hotel. We ordered chappathi along with egg curry and waited for a very long time with our burning stomach.
After sometime a decent looking north Indian was found quarreling with the cashier for something, i never expected such behavior from that man. We got our food as he left and we started our job. After sometime a sound was heard from the kitchen, initially it was sound of some dishes falling down which gradually changed into a furious fight between two of the hoteliers. We sat down silently and enjoyed the fight. It was time to pay the bill and the fight was going on. It was just rs 180. We were sure that it was some mistake. We all had just 2 chappathi and egg curry each. The cashier called the one concerned. The egg curry unfortunately costed 50rs. The food we ate instantly got digested.
We visited the strange Indian Coffee House building near railway station before we started our way back home. The train journey was completely boring.