some igoogle themes

in a nut shell i google is the personalised google search page, it actually offers a lot more that we actually forgets that we actually came to search. A wide variety of widgets have been developed with javascript and xml which we can selectively add to our igoogle page to "personalise" "our" google page. Now we have a new dimension of personalisation which google apparently launched in most of its web applications, the personalised themes. Unlike the orkut and gmail themes, here we have the opportunity to create our own custom themes .CREATION OF CUSTOM THEMES IS ONLY A RESTRICTED PROCESS and we are actually supposed to change only the color schemes and images used.

One interesting property of the igoogle themes is that the design of the page can change with time and different style documents can be assigned to different times, nice feature if used wisely :P.

I d like to share sme of the themes i created and submitted to google


only an older version of the console theme is now included in the google themes directory, awaiting the approval of the rest and im on to making new themes......

PS: vacations are really boring, we are even forced to make themes for google.

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