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There is a famous story about an IAS civil service intervew, i think Babu Paul is the star of the story. The story is all about a question and an answer. Question is as simple as what you will do if u c a completely nude female lying on ur bed???

Answer was also simple...ill carry her in my hands and will sing a lullabie for her(for him it ws a lil cute baby)

Nudity does not essentially be related to sex. Spencer Tunick is expressing the idea through his world record nude shoots. He is a world famous artist, a photographer graduated in arts and later became famous for his nude shoots and love for the architecture of human body.
In course of time Spencer became more interested in making patterns out of huge groups of naked people. May be the reason for this change of taste is an increase in "supply".
The increase in supply is no joke. Around 18000 nude people posed for Tunick in Mexico City's principal square, the Zócalo on a photo shoot during 2007 MAy!!!

Interested with the guy and his art??? his site is http://www.spencertunick.com/
all the art works are there ;) i felt nothing but like watching a painting :(

PS: The nude runs in american pie but makes us feel the other way i think :)

PPS: Anyway I dont think ill ever pose for tunick :P wht abt u ???;)

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