A preplexing CUSAT notice.


I would like to share with you, a preplexing NOTICE by cochin university of science and technology ( CUSAT ) administrative deapartment.

I came along this notice while browsing the web and searching for some high res image of cusat logo. what the official notice WARNS is that the teacher ajithkumar who is on unautorized leave for 16 years will face serious actions from the university unless he reports in 15days. The notice is observed to be drafted on Jan 23 2008.

I am not trying to insult the university or concerned officicials, just trying to show how "OFFICIAL" proceedings happens.There is no point in insulting the university when i myself still remains a student of the same :P

PS: late submission of project report is a serious problem.
what about the 16 year unauthorized absence of a lecturer?

the CUSAT LOGO was later found at http://cusat.ac.in/images/ with name logo.gif .The directory also contained many other useful images

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