DEC 29

The actual beginning of the day scheduled at 12:30pm was later postponed to 1:30pm because of my reluctance to leave the beautiful sleep that i was enjoying. As my consciousness took charge of my body, i was alarmed as i know i had class at 1:00pm and it was the reopening day after Christmas. I got ready fast and left home at around 1:45 with a hope to reach there by 2:00pm.
I walked from the bus stop to college alone and saw many people strangely looking at me. I was confused with some stares but continued my fast walk to reach there in time. On my way i saw my friend Shaheer and he slowed down his bike and asked me "where are you going sir?". I smiled and replied, "its bit late i know, I am going to class dude".He laughed and replied "The reopening is only tomorrow man, there is no one out there at campus". I had nothing to say and continued my walk, only its little slow now.
Shinto was the culprit ,he played a game on me or may be he was not sure or may be i didn't notice well what he told me. Whatever i am here for nothing. The next destination was hostel, as i anticipated there was no one there. I opened the room after collecting key from the shop downstairs and successfully completed my lost sleep. The sleep continued till 4:45pm at 5pm i boarded a bus to Aluva and reached back home by around 6:00pm
At home I instantly started the usual business of exploring the world through the interconnected web. Only power failures and lunch time disturbed my business. Some time after the power cut was spent to play UNO with mom dad grandma bro sis and all. At some distant point of the usual exploration did i find a pearl, it was an Orkut account of a NIT mech student.What attracted me was his photography skills. I instantly posted the link to his album in my tag line so that interested people can enjoy them.
After some time i noticed a scrap from this guy who was surprised to see a link to his album from my profile. He actually followed my profile from the community post "find best pic from above persons profile" from where i actually found him. I never expected such a twist in the script. Actually both of us were little bit shocked!!
The official end of todays story is a serious quote from my grandmother "What if i die today while sleeping, all these medicines i bought today will be wasted right???". I was not able to laugh as she was really serious.

PS: Today i found the full form of "PS:"

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