DEC 28

Dec 28 was supposed to be an interesting day.I had plans of visiting my friend at pathanamthitta, but the holy sleeping disorder im having keept me away from the plan. I woke up at 2:30 pm.
Time simply ran today, i did nothing and it was night suddenly. Only notable things i did was eating food and helping my friend fix a computer problem. Only after some thorough backtracking do i now realize that i was reading online articles the rest of the time. I read some movie reviews including diff versions of shawshank redemption review. An investigation on the life of the 'god' actor Morgan Freeman is going on.
One interesting news i went through is the killing of a college student at bangalore. He unknowingly entered a Brigadiers house while trying to hide from the police men following him. I tried imagining myself as him, it was fun. But probably not fun for my family.
Also my friend gave me link to an interesting airtel ad...... the alibaba was an excellent idea..... the ad is given below. Sound is a must while playing this.....

PS: today was an interesting day, but there was not enough time because of the long sleep.

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