DEC 27

Bro had chess tournament at CUSAT. Dad was not at home. So i had to go with him to the venue. The most painful of all, i had to get up early.
As a result of my opposition for mom's attack against my sleep we reached late at he venue. Bro was angry. I told nothing and walked with him. I left him at tournament venue and remitted my fees at NLB. It was the apt time, there was no one there (bankers wer der).
From bank i went to thattumpuram, opened the hostel and started sleeping after changing to my civil dress. I slept till bro called at evening wen it was tym to leave home. I walked all the way with him, he was angry with me for that also.
We reached home at around 5:30 and i instantly had my lunch, but was not able to eat as much as i thought i will eat.
After food full tym is being dedicated to chatting and commenting pics in orkut... its nice to do such things, no tension. But now its 12:00 and pl have gone to sleep, so i got engaged in blogging.
Theres a plan to download "Burn After Reading" movie tdy........also some plans to visit pathanamthitta tomorrow....

PS:Some days are missing in the blog and they are actually resting along with the incomplete drafts, hope to revive em soon.

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