DEC 22

Sanoj left befor i got up .Melvin was there sitting on a chair and seriously reading newspapers when i got up.Later Sarath left him at premier bus stop.He came back with his laptop charger which was given for reapiring. The charger which was actually a single piece had been cut into two pieces using some hacksaw and later on stuck together with fevi quick or so. It was fun to see the expression on saraths face while observing the conndition of his charger. The lap top was also under repair at service centre. We than went to marhaba and had our lunch from there. On our way back hostel we stopped at sonu's and uploaded my site from there. There was some corrections which i did instantly from there. Once we reached back hostel i suddenly fell asleep. After some time i was disturbed from sleep by some loud conversation, it was between sarath and door delivery man of lap top service centre. I never bothered to open my eyes and risc the condition of my sleep..i went on with my job. It was time to go home as i got up from sleep. Sarath dropped me at bus stop and i reached home safely, as usual.
Late night around some 3am i was at the newly build room of my house which had no window panes(the construction is going on). I was doing some pencil drawing in the new environment, may be im getting some inspiration from the strange feel there. Suddenly one big insect came inside following the fluorescent tube i was using. I ran out from the room. I closed the door and peeped through the slight gap. The insect was strong and steady, with no intention to leave the place. I started my work, i started throwing pencils and rulers erasers etc until my stock was over. The accuracy of my aim and the courage of the insect left it at the same place, unmoved. I gave up. I left the place and closed the room. Came downstairs after collecting my pencils and tools. Made another drawing. Both these drawing ive already posted in this blog.....

PS:I was afraid of all sort of things which are not afraid of flying towards my eyes. Now it should also be of reasonable size to make me afraid :). I've improved.

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