DEC 21

Sanoj disturbed my sleep at around 10am, the time i should actually reach reunion venue. I got up slowly and told him to wait. I discussed with him the issue of ftp to upload his site and related to to submarine cable problems of Mediterranean. I took a fast bath. Sanoj copied the site files to a USB by that time.
We reached reunion venue past 11:30 after a adventerous bike journey which sometimes showed me speedometer reading going above 100. I keeps silent once i see high speedometers as i dont want to encourage ppl by screaming high :P (i have experience of increasing speed on increased screeaming)
I was supposed to deliver the welcome speech at reunion. They directly took me to stage. I tld some crap as welcome speech and also took part in inauguration. The inauguration was by old literary and class leaders, hope pl who organized the reunion belonged to these groups :). The reunion was fun.
Suhas and Vince imitated some of our old teachers and also shared some old comedy stories. The organizers had arranged fried rice and chiken(for which they had to pay from their pockets as expected no of participation was not there) By gods grace i was not one of them. The pleasure of meeting old friends and chatting with them and updating the new stories went one side and some arranged programs were goin on the other side.
After the programs me melvin and sanoj went to thattumpuram.Sarath was there alone and we gae him company. Sonu was also there to night. The reunion was complete.
PS:The web site still resides in a USB inside my pocket.

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