DEC 20

Was at thattumpuram when i got up. Shinto and Kozhi was there with me.By the time i got up Kozhi was getting ready to leave. He stuffed his clothes in saraths laptop bag and was busy walking away when i stopped him. He told me that there is no other bag and gave me a 50ps and told me to get a plastic cover for sarath to carry his laptop. I had nothing more to tell him.
Shinto went out to drop kozhi at kalamassery and he saw his friend from thrissur on his way back to hostel. He left with him to thrissur and i left home.
Dec 20 is the deadline given for site work. I was busy at work like any other deadline. The work was finished but i was not able to connect to the site via ftp or http. I completed the work working past 3am on 22nd morn.There was no use as i was not able to upload the site. I slept keeping alarm for 9 am in the morning, i was anyway sure that i wont get up at 9. I have to attend the school reunion on 22nd morn. I messaged sanoj to collect me on his way to reunion.

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