DEC 18

Got up late as usual. Sanoop called me while i was indulged in the unusual task of brushing my teeth. He had lab exam and was thrown out of the lab for doin forgery in lab record. One examiner found it after he somewhat finished writing the procedure and diagrams for his experiment and was expecting a proceed. Exams always need luck in huge amounts, when work is in negligible amounts.
I got ready and left for thattumpuram. Sonu picked me up from south kalamassery and we directly went to badminton court. Played badmonton for some time and left to thattumpuram along with chori and vellu. They were planning their christmas visits to their homes.
I reached back home at around 6 and started my site work. I tried a short film casting mohanlal when i was bored of continuous work. The short film was good,its lil bit psychic. I went to sleep after the movie.

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