DEC 16

Got up earlier than the other fellows and had my bath. the anticipated scarcity of water after applying soap didnt surprise me this time rather i surprised it by kapping one bucket water in reserve. The simple reason for this water problem is a big crack in the water tank which allows the incoming water to leave the dirty water tank as soon as it fills in, and no drop of water denies the offer.
There was no water left for the rest of em and also there was no power to run the motor.Sudeesh went to sonus house along with shinto to take bath.Vellu adjusted with the water sudeesh reserved for brushing teeth. Vipin also somehow got ready by 8:30, the 'somehow' remains a mystery for me as there was no water left behind. We left to college, me, vellu and kozhi.We were not going to college actually, the bike driver was hungry and so we reached "hotel fresh" .I had to wait until the two of them finished their break fast.
The free hours were efficiently utilized for watching an old malayalam movie "20)o noottandu" @ nobles room.I reached back thattumpuram after watching the movie. I was tired and also suffering from mild headache. I enjoyed the short-term-sleep on my way back home @KSRTC bus.
Had 3 cups of tea and a crocin as i reached home and the headache slowly vanished.Got plans to complete the work and also plans to sleep, which should i work out???

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