DEC 15

Was at hostel wen i got up. There was no time to brush teeth or to take a bath, poured some water to my hair and rushed to college putting on some uniform shirt.We had project during the morning session, directly went to staff room to mark our attendance. Reached back hostel and we had nothing to do. The shinto broke the "idle time" and i went with him to play badminton.
The court was already occupied by refugees from near by college. So we changed our plan and joined cricket match. I played excellent cricket as always and never disturbed the smooth flow of the game or the ball, wether im batting or fielding. I never tried balling unless my team is badly forced to take that risk. I was put to field under the sun which was right over my head, as our balling got over badminton court was free. Iwent to play badminton leaving behind the batting session, who cares about cricket?
Badminton was fun as all the funny people was there under leadership of ullas. me and ullas was a team and sanoop and sudeesh other team. We played until we cant play any more and directly went to hotel to have food. After food i took a smaall sleep which continued for more time than what was intended. The final result was usual, i dint go home. Wen i got up kanjan asked me, "now can u sleep some more time??". It was a challenge questioning my reputation. I showed him what i am!!

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